Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare

If you want to keep AngelfishAngelfish in your aquarium, check this article for a better understanding of fish compatibility. Undoubtedly, AngelfishAngelfish is a fascinating creature known for its graceful appearance & unique nature.

However, if you have looked at the AngelfishAngelfish, you might have noticed them available in different species with different characteristics. In this article, you will quickly examine the difference between Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare.

If you want to know what makes an excellent pet, this article is for you. By understanding the differences, you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect AngelfishAngelfish for your freshwater aquarium.

Altum Angelfish vs Scalare

Altum Angelfish vs Scalare

Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare: Physical Appearance

Altum Angelfish

If you look at the Altum angelfish, you will notice them posing a distinct appearance, setting them apart from other angelfish species. One of the notable differences you are likely to notice lies in their body structure & size.

If you have ever noticed Altum angelfish, you might have observed them having a taller body. Also, you should note that the adult size of Altum angelfish tends to be larger than Scalare.

On average, Altum Angelfish can reach up to the impressive size of 15-20 inches long, whereas Scalare usually grows to around 6 inches in length. If you look at the fins of Altum angelfish, you will also witness some noticeable disparity.

They tend to develop long, more pointed dorsal and anal fins giving them an elegant & regal look. In addition to this, Bony covering over the guilt tends to be more extended with a more pronounced forehead.

Also, you should know that this unique physical feature contributes to their majestic appearance. Talking about the coloration of altum AngelfishAngelfish, they pose unique patterns & appealing colors.

These magnificent features help them display various color variations, including silver, gold & Black. Some individuals can exhibit beautiful patterns like markings, marbling, stripes, or spots, making them truly beautiful specimens for freshwater aquariums.


If you look at the parents of Scalare, you will find they have distinct physical characteristics. Scalare is also popularly known as the common AngelfishAngelfish. Compared To Altum angelfish, Scalare tends to have a smaller body size & sleeker appearance.

You should know that adult Scalare can reach up to a length of around 6 inches, making them more compact than towering Altum angelfish. Also, if you notice the dorsal & anal fins of a Scalare, it will look shorter & rounder compared to Altum angelfish, giving them a slightly different silhouette.

The operculum and the forehead of Scalare tend to be less pronounced than Altum Angelfish, leading them to a more streamlined appearance. In addition to this, they also po varieties of coloration just like Altum angelfish, which further allows Aquarist to choose from vibrant shades like silver, gold, black, and even albino variations

Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare: Natural Habitat & Distribution

Altum Angelfish

After knowing the physical appearance of the Altum angelfish, you need to look at its Natural habitat & distribution. Talking about the Altum angelfish, they are native to the Amazon River basin in South America.

You should know that they’re specifically inhabitants of The Deep & slow moving water around regions like the Orinoco and Rio Negro rivers. This environment provides an ideal condition for Altum Angelfish to thrive, breed, and live, with a water temperature range between 79-86 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

You should also note that Altum Angelfish are primarily found in areas with dense vegetation and submerged tree roots. It’s common to find Altum angelfish in flooded forests and Blackwater rivers.


Talking about Scalare, on the other hand, they tend to have a broader distribution across South America. You can find them in various countries like Brazil, Columbia, guana, and Venezuela.

You should know that Scalare likes to inhabit different aquatic environments, including streams, rivers, and floodplains. Unlike Altum angelfish, Scalare usually prefers shallow waters with faster currents. Also, Scalare likes to adapt to a wide range of water conditions, with the temperature changing from 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level of 6.0-7.0.

Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare: Behavior & Temperament

Altum Angelfish

If you look at the behavior & temperament of Altum angelfish, you might notice them having timid & shining natures. Altum AngelfishAngelfish is known to have a sensitive nature, and they respond quite quickly to environmental changes.

Also, you should note that Altum angelfish can easily become stressful if you don’t provide the right conditions. I will advise you to provide them with a calm & peaceful setting which is crucial for Altum Angelfish well-being.

One of the most interesting behaviors exhibited by Altum angelfish is their tendency to swim in small groups, slightly similar to schooling fish. In The wild, they swim in groups, so keeping them in pairs of small groups and in a decorated aquarium that mimics their natural behavior is advisable.


When you look at the Scalare, you find it more adaptable & tolerant of various tank conditions. If you notice them closely, you will find them engaging in a very complex social behavior & co-existing with other fish species.

Not only this, but you should also note that each AngelfishAngelfish tends to have its unique personality, and individual behavior may vary as well. Some Scalare species are known to exhibit territorial tendencies, especially during the breeding season, so I advise you to provide them with ample space & suitable tankmates to maintain a harmonious aquarium environment.

Also, you should ensure that Scalares are only somewhat compatible with some types of fish. Therefore I suggest you consider reading our articles on bad tankmates for Angelfish as well as seven good best tankmates for AngelfishAngelfish.

Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare: Care Requirements

Altum Angelfish

You must provide your Altum Angelfish with proper care. You should know that all types of fish tanks have specific water perimeter preferences that you need to meet if you want to ensure their optimal health.

When keeping Altum Angelfish, you must maintain a water temperature between 79-86 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH level of 5.5-6.5. Also, you should note that Altum angelfish can be sensitive to water quality, so make sure to regularly monitor it & provide maintenance for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite level, which are crucial.

Regarding their diet, Altum angelfish tend to be omnivorous and require a varied diet. It would help if you considered offering them high-quality pellets or flakes supplementary with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, bloodworms & daphnia.

Also, you should ensure that your aquarium is well decorated with plants, rocks, & hiding spots to create a comfortable and secure environment for them. Altum Angelfish can be kept with other peaceful fish species that share similar water requirements & temperament.


When it comes to caring for Scalare, they have more flexible requirements compared to Altum Angelfish. Since Scalare can adapt to a wider range of water parameters, including temperature range in pH level l, you don’t have to worry much and put effort similar to Altum Angelfish.

Plus, when it comes to diet, they have similar requirements To Altum angelfish. Therefore, you can also offer them a well-balanced diet that consists of high-quality pellets or flakes supplemented with live or frozen foods.

Also, it would help if you decorated the tank with plants & hiding spots that further mimic their natural environment because they appreciate such a habitat. When it comes to tankmate, I will recommend you choose peaceful fish species.

Scalares can be kept peacefully with other fish species if you pay attention to them. Also, make sure that you exercise caution when choosing the right tankmate to prevent any territorial conflicts or aggression. I will advise selecting fish with similar temperaments and requirements to ensure a harmonious aquarium community.

Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare: Availability & Price

Altum Angelfish

Now if you pay attention to the species of AngelfishAngelfish, you will find Altum Angelfish is relatively rare & harder to find in a normal aquarium trade compared to Scalares.

This kind of scarcity & the challenges associated with breeding them contribute to a higher price range. Depending upon their color, size, and overall quality, Altum Angelfish’s prices can range anywhere from $50 to over 200 dollars for individuals. We’ve also shared an indepth article on topic “How Much Are Angelfish?“.


Scalares are more common angelfish species readily available in almost all pet stores and online retailers. Their wider availability contributes to a broader price range depending upon factors like size, color & bleeding quality. Typically, you have to pay around $10 to $30 per individual for Scalare, making them a more affordable choice for aquarists.


You must understand all the key differences between Altum angelfish vs. Scalare to keep them healthy and happy and thrive for longevity. It is crucial to understand the difference to make an informed decision in keeping these mesmerizing creatures in your aquarium.

I have given my best to give you a comprehensive knowledge of the difference between Altum Angelfish vs. Scalare. You should know that each species offers unique characteristics, distinct physical appearance, complex behavior, and care requirements.

It would help if you considered their natural habitat, temperament, ability & availability to make an informed decision & create an optimal environment for your pet that suits that preference and your aquarium setup.

Whether going with the majestic Altum Angelfish or the adaptable Scalare, both will add beauty & elegance to your aquatic sanctuary for many years. Check my other helpful guides on this website; if you find this article, please consider sharing it.

Your share will help many people learn about the difference between Angelfish and Scalare. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.