How Much Are Angelfish?

No doubt, Angelfish are beautiful and popular aquarium pets. But if you are thinking of adding these beautiful think creatures into your tank, consider a few things. You should know that Angelfish are available in various colors & patterns with different price tags.

Therefore, in this article, I am not only going to answer ‘how much are angelfish’ but also going to give you an in-depth understanding of the pricing as well as factors that may affect the cost. Here, you will explore different aspects that determine the price of Angelfish, from their breed & size to market demand and supply.

3 Factors Influencing Angelfish Pricing

3 Factors Influencing Angelfish Pricing

Before I tell you ‘how expensive it is angelfish,’ it is important to understand the factors that may influence its pricing and determine its value and desirability. Let’s take a closer look at these factors:

Quality & Rarity of the Angelfish Breed

When you visit the pet market of pets, you will notice certain types of Angelfish breeds in particularly high demand due to their unique characteristics & color patterns. For example, Platinum & Ghost angelfish varieties are highly sought after by enthusiasts.

It is important to note that uncommon color variation always contributes to the higher pricing of Angelfish. Genetic traits may also contribute to the rarity of the specific angelfish breed, increasing its overall pricing.

There are also a few premium angelfish varieties, like Platinum, Ghost, Panda, and Zebra Lace, which possess distinct characteristics, making them more desirable & expensive.

Platinum angelfish is particularly famous for its rare color mutation, giving it a stunning metallic sheen. On the other hand, the ghost Angelfish is particularly famous for its transparent phenotype, which further creates an ethereal appearance. 

Size & Age of the Angelfish

The size & age of an angelfish will also affect its pricing. If you are considering getting juvenile Angelfish, you will have to pay less than you would have to pay for adult ones. Suppose you are wondering why adult angelfish are priced higher.

In that case, you should know: Angelfish with a larger size & closer to their mature stage tend to be expensive due to their growth potential & breeding capabilities. Indeed, size matters when it comes to Angelfish pricing.

Talking about smaller juvenile Angelfish, they are typically priced lower because they have a longer growth potential & require more time to reach their full size.

Also, you should know that professional breeders & hobbyists often invest in larger Angelfish to jumpstart their breeding programs. Therefore, if you plan to breed the Angelfishes, I recommend you purchase the adult ones.

Source & Location of Purchase

The place from where you purchase the Angelfish will also impact its pricing. You must consider the source and location from where you get your pet. If you purchase Angelfish from a local pet store, you will find different pricing structures compared to the online suppliers.

Also, you should know that shipping costs & availability may also affect the pricing of specific Angelfishes. If you purchase from an online supplier, consider the shipping cost, which will contribute to their overall pricing.

If you’re wondering why local pet stores offer competitive prices, it is due to their lower overhead cost and the ability to inspect the fish in person.

On the other hand, you might have to consider additional expenses and pay extra for a particular Angelfish to an online supplier because they provide a wider selection & access to rare breeds. Before purchasing from any source, consider both options and weigh the pros & cons based on your preferences and budget.

How Much Are Angelfish?

Generally, common varieties of Angelfish come between $5-$18, whereas premium can cost you up to $80. Also, the rare angelfish breeds are highly sought after by collectors due to their exceptional rarity and may come with a price range of $100-$1000 or even more.

Common Angelfish Varieties

You can easily find common Angelfish in local pet stores as they are more readily available & affordable. To give you some insight into their pricing, I am mentioning a short table on different angelfish varieties and the factors that may also affect their pricing. The availability, size, coloration, popularity & unique patterns affect the pricing a bit, but common ones are generally affordable.

Angelfish BreedPrice RangeFactors Affecting Pricing
Standard Silver$5-$10Availability and size
Marble$8-$15Coloration and popularity
Koi$10-$20Unique patterns
Veil Tail$5-$12Common and readily available
Blushing$10-$18Pink hue and popularity

Premium Angelfish Varieties

If you are thinking of getting a premium angelfish breed, you should know that they may come with a higher price tag. Premium Angelfish breeds possess unique characteristics making them more expensive, like rare color mutation, transparent phenotype, or any rare pattern. If any fish comes with intricate lace-like marking or vibrant & bold coloration, it will also cost you more than a common angelfish variety.

Angelfish BreedPrice RangeFactors Affecting Pricing
Platinum$30-$50Rare color mutation
Ghost$20-$40Transparent phenotype
Panda$40-$60Black and white pattern
Zebra Lace$50-$80Intricate lace-like markings
Clown$25-$45Vibrant and bold coloration

Rare Angelfish Breeds

You should know that rare angelfish breeds tend to be more popular and highly sought after by enthusiasts and collected due to their exceptional rarity. Below I am providing some examples of pricing on rare angelfish breeds and the factors affecting its pricing.

Angelfish BreedPrice RangeFactors Affecting Pricing
Albino$100-$200Genetic mutation rarity
Half-Black$80-$150Half-black phenotype
Pearlscale$150-$300Distinctive scaling pattern
Pinoy$200-$400Philippine strain exclusivity
Blue Blushing$250-$500Rare blue coloration

3 Tips for Making Informed Purchasing Decisions

3 Tips for Making Informed Purchasing Decisions

If you want to purchase Angelfish, there’re a few things you need to keep in mind so you can make an informed decision and get a healthy one at a reasonable price. Below I will mention five such tips that you must consider.

Research and Compare Prices

Make sure you are taking your time to research and compare prices from different suppliers. It would help if you visited the local pet store to determine the average pricing and compare it with online platforms like reputable websites like petco & forums to gather information on current market prices.

There is a huge chance that you will find a better deal at a local pet store on common varieties of Angelfish. However, if it is a rare or premium variety, you will find a better deal for your desired Angelfish online than at local stores.

Assess the Health & Condition.

It would help if you never hurried into buying an angelfish because you might accidentally get an unhealthy one. Observing the Angelfish behavior and its physical condition before purchasing it is best.

It would help if you always went with the one that looks very active & alerts you with no signs of diseases or deformities. When an angel fish is healthy, it usually exhibits clear eyes, intact fins, and vibrant color. You should never purchase a fish showing signs of stress or illness, like clamped fins, abnormal swimming behavior, or faded color.

Consult Experienced Aquarists and Breeders

I advise you always to seek recommendations from experienced Aquarists or breeders who might know about Angelfish. If you are new to adopting Angelfish, Aquarist may provide valuable insights into selecting the right ones or may have advice on trusted suppliers.

You can also join the Angelfish enthusiasts community or forums, where we engage with knowledgeable individuals and gather information based on their experience. 

Ensure you are following all the tips mentioned here and considering other factors that may influence the Angelfish price to make well-informed purchase decisions and enjoy the beauty of these captivating aquatic creatures in your aquarium.


I have given my best to help you understand Angelfish’s pricing, which involves various factors like breed rarity, size, source of purchase, and market dynamics. I recommend always researching the prices and comparing them with alternative sources to find a better deal.

It is also recommended to assess the fish’s health and seek guidance from an experienced individual to make an informed decision when purchasing Angelfish. It would help if you always remembered that the cost of Angelfish would also vary depending upon its quality & long-term value as well.

However, adopting an angelfish is a rewarding experience as you introduce these beautiful creatures to your aquarium if you find this article helpful where we shared ‘How much are angelfish.’ Do share this article with other fellows to help them learn ‘how much are angelfish.’ See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye