New Angelfish Stays In Corner

Angelfish are a stunning addition to any aquarium, known for their bright colors and unique shape. Recently, a new species of angelfish was discovered in the Pacific Ocean coral reefs. This new species has a distinct behavior of staying in one corner of the aquarium, which prompted us to investigate why it does so. Explore the behavior of a new angelfish that prefers to stay in corner of the tank.

Let’s find out the reasons why is my fish staying in one corner…

Why Angelfish Stays In Corner?

Angelfish can stay in the corner or at the bottom of the tank. It may be due to stress, illness, or pregnancy in fish. Angelfish can behave this way also because the environment you provide them with may not be favorable. You should take it as a sign to correct the changes.

Angel fish Stays in Corner of Tank

Your angelfish may be targeted by another fish as their food source in the tank. If this happens, they get anxious and stressed, which is why they will find a place to hide where no other fish can notice them.

Being a new fish, another reason could be not getting adapted to the new environment. Unfortunately, the parameters may not be favorable for them to thrive.

If your angelfish is pregnant, they prefer to spend the time at the corner or near the bottom of the tank.

If your fish is ill or suffering from an infection, it may hide and stay in a corner.

To not let it happen, you should clean the tank and treat the sick fish. Make water changes more often. If they hide because of other fish, then replace their tank mates with peaceful fish.

Mostly Hiding in Corner

Materials and Methods:

We conducted a controlled study by observing the new angelfish species, analyzing water quality, and examining the factors that could be influencing its behavior. We placed the fish in a 50-gallon rectangular tank equipped with a filtration system that maintains appropriate water quality and temperature. We monitored the water parameters daily to ensure the fish’s well-being.

Over four weeks, we observed the angelfish’s position in the tank, its swimming patterns, and any other behavior that we could detect. We divided the tank into four equal sections and noted the number of times the fish was seen in each section. We also monitored the water flow pattern by dropping food in the center of the tank and watching its movement under different water current intensities.

What experts observed

Our observations revealed that the new angelfish species tend to stay in one particular corner of the tank more often than in other sections. We also found that the water flow pattern was stronger in the opposite corner to where the fish typically stayed.

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Why is Angelfish not swimming around?

What makes an aquarium more satisfying is seeing your angelfish swim. They look more gorgeous while swimming.

You like me watching them swim. However, sometimes angelfish get lethargic because of the problems they face.

If you find your angelfish not swimming around, then you might be worried that something is not favorable to your angelfish.

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Reasons for your angelfish not swimming

Older Fish

Most of the fish that are older might not swim more often as they don’t have as much energy as young fish. If the angelfish reaches the age of ten, then there is a possibility that the fish might not swim because it’s tired.

Sick Fish

A healthy fish does swim around very well and looks gorgeous while swimming. whereas sick fish are sluggish in their movements.

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Stress could be a very common cause of why your angelfish stopped swimming around. If the level of stress is extremely high, they might stop moving or swim very little.

The stress might occur if you have other fish in the aquarium. Because of their aggressive temperament, these fish might cause stress to your angelfish.

You should be very careful when it comes to picking the tankmates for the angelfish to avoid the fish in the tank that bully the angelfish.

Poor Water Quality

If the water quality is poor, it can be a reason why your fish are not swimming around. You should maintain the equilibrium of pH and other water parameters.

Nutrition Problems

The diet you provide them gives your fish energy. if the provided diet is poor and they can’t get the proper nutrition. It results, in making your fish lethargic which makes your fish not swim or swim very less.

Dead Fish

Eventually, if the angelfish are not even moving a bit, it will ensure that they are dead. However, you can check if a fish is alive by scooping it up with a fish net.


Why is My Angelfish Stays in One Spot

If your Angelfish stays in one spot, it could be resting or sleeping, experiencing stress or anxiety, or possibly being sick or injured. Keep an eye on its behavior and monitor its health to ensure it is comfortable in its environment.

Are Angelfish Bottom Dwellers?

No, Angelfish are not typically bottom dwellers. They are a species of freshwater fish that are known for swimming in the middle to upper levels of the aquarium. However, they may occasionally swim near the bottom of the tank to forage for food or explore their surroundings.