How Many Angelfish Should Be Kept Together

There is no doubt that Angelfish are stunning freshwater fish that any Aquarist would want to keep in their aquarium for their graceful appearance & vibrant color. However, consider keeping Angelfish as pets.

In that case, it’s important to know ‘how many Angelfish should be kept together’ in a single tank to create a harmonium requirement & aesthetic look. In this article, we will dive into the factors that influence the number of Angelfish you can keep together in a specific tank with the recommended number for different tank sizes.

I will also provide you with some additional considerations that can help you ensure a thriving angelfish community.

How Many Angelfish Should Be Kept Together?

How Many Angelfish Should Be Kept Together?

The number of Angelfish you can keep in an aquarium together depends upon factors like tank size compatibility, tank layout, individual temperament, specific references, etc. As per the general rule of thumb, you must provide 10 gallons per Angelfish to accommodate their swimming pattern, foraging behavior & exploring habits. 

Plus, there are a few factors that you need to consider when deciding how many Angelfish to keep together. Below I will mention a few of the factors that you must keep in your mind or take into account before housing Angelfish in a tank.

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding How Many Angelfish to Keep Together

If you are looking to determine the ideal stocking number or an appropriate number of Angelfish for your aquarium, a few factors might come into play. A closer look at each factor will provide you valuable insights into housing as many Angelfish as you can without a sign of aggression, conflicts, or disputes. 

Tank Size

As I told you earlier, the size of your tank will play a crucial role in providing a suitable environment for your Angelfish. Since Angelfish are considered relatively larger fish than any other freshwater aquarium fish, you must provide them enough space to swim and establish their territory.

If they are not getting adequate stress, they will quickly suffer from stress, aggression, or territorial conflicts. I recommend having a minimum tank size of 20-40 gallon forest pair of Angelfish or a small Angelfish community.

If you have a pair of Angelfish, consider a 20-gallon tank. I have shared a recent article on ‘How many Angelfish in a 20-gallon tank‘ to give you a better idea of creating a harmonious environment. Also, you can check our other article on ‘How many fish in a 40-gallon tank‘ to create a beautiful & mesmerizing community tank.

Angelfise & Growth Potential

It would help if you considered the potential growth & size of Angelfish as well. When Angelfish are adults, they can reach up to a size of 6-8 inches in height or even larger depending upon their specimen.

Therefore, consider the growth potential of the species you are preparing to keep in your tank, especially when determining the number of Angelfish to keep together.

Also, you need to know that overcrowding will hinder the growth of your Angelfish, leading to stress-related health issues and an increased likelihood of territorial conflicts. It is best to provide them with ample swimming space and consider their size at maturity.

Compatibility & Behavior

Well, Angelfish are known for their peaceful nature; they can also be very territorial. Even though they can coexist with many other fish species, you must consider their compatibility.

To help you better understand, we’ve also shared in that article on worst or bad tank mates for Angelfish, which you must avoid altogether. It would help if you never adopted overly aggressive or fin-nipping fish, as it can lead to stressful situations and potentially harm your Angelfish.

Since Angelfish tends to have a hierarchical behavior but not a schooling type, it’s best to avoid tank makes altogether if the aquarium is small. However, if you have a big aquarium and want to know ‘how many angelfish should be kept together,’ read the information below.

To know about the social nature of Angelfish, consider reading our article on ‘Are angelfish schooling fish‘; if not, why do they love to travel in groups?

Gender Ratios

Suppose you must focus on maintaining a balanced gender ratio when keeping Angelfish together. I usually like to have one male Angelfish for every two females because an imbalance ratio may further lead to aggression among males as they compete for dominance & breeding rights.

Hence I will also recommend you maintain a balanced gender ratio to reduce the risk of stress & injury among the fish and promote a harmonious environment.

Breeding Behaviour

Few people have documented Angelfish laying eggs without a male, and we have also shared an in-depth article covering that fact. You should know that Angelfish engage in elaborate breeding behaviors, including selecting mates, cleaning a spawning site, and caring for their fry.

Therefore if you’re planning to breed Angelfish, you must allocate ample space within the tank for their spawning events. Also, ensure that you provide a propagated hiding spot and vegetation for the angelfish eggs to ensure their safety.

Once you notice the fry hatching, you must provide additional care and feeding. You should also know that breeding can temporarily stop the harmony of the tank, so it’s better to provide suitable conditions for successful breeding & fry development.

I usually get my breeding pairs in a separate tank with flat surfaces and substrates to promote successful reproduction & breeding.

Recommended Number of Angelfish for Different Tank Sizes

Recommended Number of Angelfish for Different Tank Sizes

As I told you earlier, the optimal number of Angelfish you can have also depends upon the size of your aquarium. Below I mention a few recommendations on different tank sizes to check out.

Small Tanks (20-30 gallons)

If you have the smallest tank of 20-30 gallons, I will advise you only to keep a maximum of two or three Angelfish due to limited space. The limited space in small tanks can quickly become overcrowded, further leading to stress & territorial disputes.

Suppose you keep the stocking number of Angelfish reactively low. In that case, you will be able to provide each Angelfish with enough swimming space to reduce the risk of aggression & conflicts over territory.

Also, you must monitor their behavior closely to keep them healthy in a smaller tank. As I told you earlier, you should read our article on 20 tanks for Angelfish.

Medium Tanks (40-55 gallons)

Now if you have a medium size tank, you can have a small community of 4-6 angelfish. Here I am talking about the 55-gallon tanks & the 40-gallon tanks, which tend to provide more swimming space, givingelfish abehaviorhance to exhibit natural behavior & establish a hierarchical structure.

We have also shared an in-depth article on ‘How many angelfish in a 55-gallon tank‘ to check out. There, you will find a good idea for setting up the 55-gallon tank for three pairs of Angelfish or a pair of Angelfish with other tankmates.

Yes, adding tankmates like peaceful ‘Tetras’ or bottom-dwelling ‘Corydoras‘ can enhance the overall community dynamics & visual appeal of your aquarium.

Large Tanks (5alyou have

If you have a larger tank, you have an excellent opportunity to create a diverse & thriving angelfish community. If you have more than 55 gallons tank, you can easily keep more than 6-10 angles comfortably.

The larger your space, the more you can accommodate, but you need 10 gallons per Angelfish. Also, you should know that a larger space will allow your fish for a more natural swimming pattern & distribution of territories.

Please provide a large tank with proper decoration & layout. The larger tank will also provide an opportunity to introduce compatible species like tetras, gouramis, or peaceful cichlids for creating a captivating & vibrant aquatic ecosystem.

However, if you consider keeping the Oscars, you should be careful. Consider reading our article ‘Can Angelfish Live With Oscars?’ to know more.


After reading this article, you know how many Angelfish should be kept together. I have given my best to give you an understanding of the factors that may influence the number of Angelfish you can keep together.

If you want to maintain a thriving & harmonious aquarium, consider the size of your tank, the growth potential of angelfish specimens, and their compatibility with other fish species.

Also, never forget the importance of a balanced gender ratio to prevent conflicts over mates. It’s best to provide them with a larger tank with space and an enriching environment for these elegant creatures.

Follow all the guidelines mentioned above and also monitor the behavior & health of your Angelfish closely. You will be able to create a captivating & serene underwater world for these stunning fishes.

I have given my best to give you in-depth knowledge on the question ‘how many angelfish should be kept together.’

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the ideal stocking number depending on tank sizes and other factors.

If you have any other concerns regarding the question ‘how many Angelfish should be kept together,’ never mind commenting below. Do check my other helpful guide on angelfish care and facts. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.