How Fast Do Angelfish Grow?

The quick answer to “How Fast Do Angelfish Grow?” is the lifespan of the Angelfish is up to 10 years or more. The average that angelfish can reach is approximately 15 to 20 centimeters, i.e., six to eight inches. The faster they can grow is in the first six months, which range from 1.4 to 10 centimeters long.

Angelfish Growth Rate

As mentioned above, the angelfish can grow up to six to eight inches. Their growth rate differs from place to place according to the conditions in which they live and are provided by you. The growth rate will drastically reduce after the adult stage, and it may take more than a year for them to reach their fullest size.

However, just like any other animal, the two angelfish can’t grow to the same size and at the same rate. As it depends on what conditions they are living with.

Angelfish Care Instruction

Water condition

The condition of the water in the tank affects its growth rate. To make sure that your angelfish are strong and healthy and to make them thrive, you have to look after the following water conditions:

Maintain the pH equilibrium

For keeping your fish happy and healthy, you should provide them with a tank pH[1] that ranges between 6 and 8.

Maintain the temperature

According to Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science[2], the favorable temperature for angelfish ranges between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, they also require a lot of light to thrive.

Tank Size

Each freshwater fish needs at least 10 gallons of tank space. If you are managing a small school, you should provide them with a minimum of 80 gallons of water. It’s always better to provide them with a larger tank[3].


The growth rate of the angelfish depends on the diet they consume. What they eat and how much and how often they eat are important factors that should not be ignored. As angelfish are omnivores, they require a high-protein and high-fiber diet.

You can feed them with insects, larvae, crustaceans, small fish, brine shrimp, worms, frozen food, etc. If you fail to provide them with a favorable diet, it will affect their growth, and they will remain stunted. Additionally, they may face several pathological conditions.

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How Big do angelfish get

full grown freshwater angelfish

As mentioned earlier, angelfish grow up to 6 to 8 inches in a bigger tank. The water condition favorable for the angelfish is less acidic to very low alkaline water conditions that range between 6 and 8, as explained earlier. You just have to take care of the water parameters and other requirements of the angelfish in order to grow them to their fullest and to prevent them from other illnesses.

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How Long Will It Take for an Angelfish Fry to Grow?

The lifespan of the angelfish is ten years or more. During this period, they grow up to eight inches, which is above the average value of six inches. However, there are many angelfish in the world at their fullest length. They may exceed their growth rate if they are grown in the wild.

On the other hand, the size of angelfish fry depends on various factors, one of which is stress. This happens because they seem to be more territorial. That is because they tend to become territorial.

If you provide your angelfish, the fish will transform from fry to adult nearly in 12 months. By this time, the angelfish have matured enough to lay eggs every twelve to eighteen days, and the cycle repeats.

How fast do angelfish fry grow?

As stated earlier, angelfish fry grows within six to twelve months. They are fully grown. During this time, their stage begins with the eggs, which can take up to 60 hours to hatch. They will grow out of the eggs and become wigglers where the yolk is attached. In the course of two days, they begin to swim freely.

Further, the angelfish become juveniles, and the fry takes about 6 to 12 months to become fully grown. It takes 60 hours to reach the stage of hatching. They will come out of the eggs, and the yolk will be attached. In the course of two days, they can swim freely.

Further, the angelfish become juveniles, grow, and become wigglers, gaining 2 centimeters in 16 weeks. Later, it continues by increasing in size, gaining weight, and turning into adults if the proper water conditions are provided to them.

Once they are grown to their fullest, they can start reproducing. Under favorable conditions, an adult female lays eggs every twelve to eighteen days.

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When do Angelfish Reach Full Size?

full grown angelfish size comparison

Angelfish can take up to a year and a half to reach full size. The rate of growth can vary depending on factors such as diet, water quality, tank size, and other environmental conditions. Generally, angelfish reach their full size around 6 inches (15 cm) in length, but some species may grow slightly larger.


A few angelfish that grow in the wild grow up to 10 inches, and the average size of freshwater angelfish is about six to eight inches. They grow very fast once they are grown up to four inches within the time period of six months. It will take a year for an angelfish to mature and become a fully grown adult.

When it comes to angelfish fry, they are raised for a year until they are fully grown and in good health. After their full growth, they mature enough to lay eggs and start reproducing.

If you raise the angelfish fry in the community tank, It is important that you keep in mind that the big angelfish may find the angelfish fry as their food source and may consume them. It’s always better to decorate your tank with the best aquarium plants that will help the angelfish fry hide from other predators until they are fully grown.