Black Lace Angelfish

Welcome to the fascinating world of aquariums! Today, we are going to dive into the mesmerizing beauty of Black Lace Angelfish. These graceful and elegant creatures are a sight to behold with their delicate lace-like patterns and deep black hues. Let’s explore more about these stunning fish and learn how you can bring their beauty into your home aquarium.

  • Also Know As: Black Veil Angelfish
  • Species: Angel Fish
  • Scientific Name: Pterophyllum sp

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How to take care of black lace angelfish?

As they are tall, a bigger aquarium should be provided. The water temperature should be 24° to 30°C with a pH[1] of 6.0–7.4.

How big do black lace angelfish get?

The maximum standard length is 15 cm, with a height of 20 cm.

What do black lace angelfish eat?

They are omnivores. As a result, they consume larvae, small fish, pellets, flakes, etc.

How to determine the gender of black lace angelfish?

Sex can only be determined during the breeding season. It can be differentiated by the male’s genital papillae being pointed and the female’s being blunt.

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Black lace angelfish tank size

The recommended tank size of 30 gallons is for a single fish or pair; increase the tank size for a community tank including angelfish.

Are black lace angelfish aggressive?

They aren’t aggressive. Their behavior tends to be more peaceful.

How much do black lace angelfish cost?

At $12 per piece.

Where can I buy black lace angelfish?

You can visit the nearby aquarium, or you can check out online. The link is given below

How fast do black lace angelfish grow?

It approximately takes a year to grow.

How long do black lace angelfish live?

The lifespan of black lace angelfish is up to 10 years.

Black lace angelfish tank mates

When it comes to choosing tank mates for your Black Lace Angelfish, it’s important to consider their peaceful temperament and compatibility with other fish species. These angelfish can coexist well with other non-aggressive fish that share similar water requirements. Good tank mates for Black Lace Angelfish include peaceful tetras such as neon tetras, cardinal tetras, and ember tetras.

They also get along well with bottom-dwelling fish like corydoras catfish and plecos. Other suitable tank mates include gouramis, dwarf cichlids, and peaceful barbs. However, it’s essential to avoid aggressive or fin-nipping fish such as tiger barbs or cichlids, which may harm the delicate fins of the Black Lace Angelfish. By choosing compatible tank mates, you can create a harmonious aquatic community that will thrive together in your aquarium.

Fish to Avoid with Blace Lace Angelfish

While there are many suitable tank mates for Black Lace Angelfish, it’s also essential to know which fish to avoid. Aggressive or fin-nipping fish such as tiger barbs or cichlids should be avoided as they can harm the delicate fins of Black Lace Angelfish. Additionally, avoid keeping the angelfish of different varieties in the same aquarium, as they may become aggressive towards each other.


Choosing suitable tank mates for your Black Lace Angelfish is crucial for creating a harmonious aquatic community. By selecting peaceful species that share similar water requirements, you can ensure that your Black Lace Angelfish thrive in their environment. So, if you’re planning to add Black Lace Angelfish to your aquarium, consider these suitable tank mates and create a beautiful and healthy aquatic ecosystem.