Can Angelfish Live with Gourami?

If you want to create a freshwater community tank or harmonious aquarium, you must choose the right combination of fish. Well, Angelfish and Gourami are two popular species that have captivated many Aquarists with their stunning colors pattern and graceful swimming habits.

However, there are a few crucial considerations regarding keeping them together. In this article, I am not only going to answer ‘can Angelfish live with gouramis’ but we will also be delving into compatibility & factors that can contribute to a successful habitation.

Therefore, if you want to keep these two species in a tank together, read this article. Before I tell you what factors may contribute to a successful cohabitation & may influence their compatibility, let’s take a quick look at the answer to the question: ‘Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis?’.

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis?

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis?

Yes, Angelfish can coexist and become your aquatic setup’s center fish. However, consider their temperament, size, tank space, water parameter requirement, and diet preferences for each species to keep them healthy, happy & comfortable for longevity.

Angelfish are native to the Amazon River basin in South America and prefer temperatures of around 25-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Angelfish are considered to be native to SouthEast Asia and are available in various species, with each having its distinct appearance as well as behavior.

Both fish are elegant and highly sought after in the aquarium trade due to their visual appeal & unique personality. With proper care, you can keep them in the same tank. However, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account to ensure a harmonious coexistence with Angelfish & gouramis.

4 Factors To Consider 


Talking about temperament, Angelfish are generally considered peaceful fish, but they can also display territorial behavior, especially during breeding season or when tank space is inadequate.

On the other hand, Gourami’s temperament may vary depending on its species. In major cases, dwarf gouramis tend to be compatible with Angelfish but are also said to be more aggressive than others.

Therefore I recommend you choose the Gourami species with a temperament that complements the peaceful nature of your Angelfish. Many articles and studies explain the behavior & temperament of both Angelfish and Gourami in a community aquarium. Compared to aggressive species like barbs, they’re best kept with peaceful tankmates like tetras and rasboras.

Also, a recent study in the Vedantu observed that certain groups of Gourami species, like honey gouramis, tend to display lower levels of aggression and territoriality, making them more compatible with Angelfish & their peaceful nature.

Size & Space

Another factor you need to consider is the size of the fish & the space in the tank. Both fishes can grow up to a considerable size. Angelfish are known to reach up to 6 inches in height, whereas Gourami can range from 2 to 6 inches depending upon its species.

Therefore, please provide them with emperor space to swim comfortably and establish their territory. It is important to keep the tank well decorated with live plants, hiding spots, and a vertical swimming space that mimics their natural environment.

Generally, a tank size of at least 30 gallons is recommended to house a small group of Angelfish & Gourami. However, I would appreciate it if you go with a 40-gallon tank size as Angelfish are known for their vertical swimming pattern, which will be promoted if given adequate space.

Also, the effect of tank size on the behavior & growth of Angelfish and Gourami may vary slightly. We found that fish kept in larger tanks tend to exhibit reduced aggressive behavior & better growth rate compared to the ones kept in smaller tanks.

In addition, larger space promotes more foraging & exploring the behavior of fishes. This further emphasizes the importance of providing adequate space for both species to thrive in a community setup.

Water Parameters

It is also important that you maintain the suitable water parameter for the health & well-being of both species, Angelfish and Gourami. Even though both species can tolerate a wide range of water conditions, you must ensure stability & consistency.

To know more about Angelfish’s ability to tolerate a wide range of water conditions, consider reading my recent article: Are Angelfish, Hardy? Coming back to the point, the ideal temperature to keep Angelfish and Gourami tends to be around 76-82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of 6.5 & 7.5.

If you want to know more about this, consider reading my other articles on the ideal pH levels for Angelfish and the best angelfish water temperature. Always conduct regular water tests and make necessary adjustments to help keep the water perimeter within the desired range.

The impact of water parameters on the behavior & stress level of Angelfish and Gourami. A study published in the Journal of researchgate examined the effect of water pH on the growth & survival of Angelfish.

They found that maintaining a pH level within their preferred range can significantly improve Angelfish’s overall health, growth rate, and survival rate. Similarly, in another study, researchers found that maintaining stable water temperature can reduce stress levels in Gourami and positively influence their overall well-being. 

Tank Setup

Another thing that you need to consider is the tank setup. If you want to alleviate potential aggression and establish territories, you should create a suitable tank setup that provides ample hiding spots & visual barriers.

It would help if you decorated their tank with plants & decorations to help reduce stress and prevent conflicts. A recent study published in the Journal of Fish Biology emphasizes the impact of tank enrichments on the behavior & welfare of Angelfish.

A well-decorated time with plenty of hiding spots & plant cover can reduce aggression & stress levels while encouraging natural foraging & exploring behavior in Angelfish, promoting their overall well-being.

This research further highlights the importance of creating and reaching an ecological habitat for Angelfish and Gourami to thrive in a community tank.

3 Angelfish & Gourami Tankmates

3 Angelfish & Gourami Tankmates

Even though Gourami & Angelfish can coexist peacefully, you must choose another compatible tank mate with similar temperaments and aquarium requirements to create a harmonious community tank with an aesthetic & stunning look. Below I’m giving some recommendations for tanks that can thrive alongside both the species, Angelfish and Gourami.

  • Tetras & Rasboras: Tetra fish are small schooling fish that can add color & liveliness to any tank. Some of the most popular tetras that can cohabitate peacefully with Angelfish and Gourami include neon tetra, Cardinal Tetra, etc.
  • Corydoras catfish: Since Angelfish like to feed & swim in the middle area, you might be looking for a bottom dweller. If this is the case, consider this peaceful corydoras catfish, which will keep the tank clean and coexist peacefully with Angelfish and Gourami.
  • Loaches (e.g., clown loach, kuhli loach): If you’re for social fish known for their bottom-dwelling behavior and playfulness, go with loaches. Many species of the chase can coexist peacefully with Angelfish & Gourami, like clown loaches, khujli loaches lodge, etc.
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Potential Challenges & Solutions

Even though Angelfish & Gourami can coexist harmoniously in the same tank, some potential challenges may arise in the journey.

Therefore, getting familiar with the common issues will help you identify the possible solution & address the problem as soon as possible. Let’s look at three common issues you will likely face while keeping both species together.

Aggression & Territorial Behaviour

It is common to notice aggression or territorial behavior due to a lack of hiding spots or visual barriers. You must add some visual barriers to create separate territories by adding more plant decoration or rearranging the tank’s layout. All this prevents aggression and provides a sense of security to both species.

Compatibility Issues

Well, the compatibility of Angelfish & Gourami may vary in different tank setups. If you provide the larger territories, you will have more harmonious coexistence between the fish. However, make sure to monitor the tank dynamics closely, especially when you are introducing a new fish.

If you notice any aggression or compatibility issue persisting, you must separate the aggressive individual as soon as possible. Also, consider alternative tank setups to determine the compatibility between the two species under observation.

Breeding Considerations

If you want to breed Angelfish and Gourami in the same tank, it can be challenging due to potential aggression during the breeding process. Please provide them with a separate breeding tank.

Also, please monitor the tank dynamics carefully to ensure the breeding pairs’ safety. Providing suitable breeding structures like flat surfaces or plants in a separate tank will reduce aggression and increase the chances of successful reading among the fish.


Both the species Angelfish & Gourami can live together to create a harmonious aquarium environment. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider on the fish compatibility of both species carefully.

Angelfish & Gourami live together successfully if the conditions are met, but proper care, observation, & monitoring is required. I hope I have given you a complete understanding of their compatibility.

Also, select the right compatible tank mates to create a stunning, peaceful aquatic setup. Always remember to do your research and consider other people’s experiences & personal advice to ensure the well-being of your Angelfish and Gourami.

I’ve given my best to give you all the in-depth knowledge on the question, ‘Can angelfish live with Gourami.’ If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it.

Your share will help many people learn about the compatibility of both species & ‘whether they can angelfish live with Gourami in the same tank’ or not. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.