Angelfish Water Temperature

This is the guide if you want to know the ideal water temperature for angelfish. In this article, I will tell you the angelfish water temperature requirement, the effects of incorrect temperature & how to maintain the optimal temperature.

You should know that temperature requirements vary in different angelfish species as well. Hence, this article will also provide practical tips for maintaining a healthy water temperature inside an Angelfish tank.

Undoubtedly, angelfish look very beautiful and popular for their graceful appearance & vibrant colors. So, being a responsible fish owner, it is important to ensure their well-being and longevity by maintaining the right water temperature in their aquatic environment.

I have given my best to give you all the proper knowledge on the best temperature for angelfish, but if you have any other concerns, never mind, drop a comment below. Now, without wasting any more seconds, let’s start our journey by knowing the ideal water temperature for angelfish.

Best Angelfish Water Temperature 

Best Angelfish Water Temperature 

Angelfish usually thrive in a specific water temperature that closely mimics their natural habitat. It is best to keep them in an optimal water temperature range within 75-82° F or 24-28° C.

However, some angelfish may have specific needs or slightly different temperature preferences. Therefore it is always a good idea to research the fish’s specific water parameters requirement you are planning to keep and ensure their conditions are met.

Also, you should know that factors like the origin & habitat of Angelfish species may influence their temperature requirement. The seasonal variation may also trigger the temperature requirement of angelfish. If the angelfish are native to the Amazon River basin, they will likely be accustomed to warmer water.

On the other hand, if you have species like altum angelfish, originating from blackwater rivers or flooded forests, they will like slightly cooler temperatures. Therefore I recommend you research the natural environment of the angelfish you are preparing to keep & gain some valuable insights into their temperature requirement & preferences. You should note that the right temperature is mandatory for their metabolic process, reproduction, growth, and digestion.

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Major Effects of Incorrect Water Temperature

As I told you earlier, you must maintain the right temperature for angelfish inside that environment for their overall health & well-being. You should note that incorrect water temperature can always hurt their metabolism growth, immune system, and behavior.

It is not uncommon for angelfish to struggle to breathe or feel stressed due to certain temperature changes. Keep the temperature and water quality the same. Understanding the effects of low water temperature & high water temperature will help you prevent certain complications or issues that may arise in the future.

Low Water Temperature

When the tank temperature water temperature is too low than required, angelfish starts to experience slow metabolism and growth. You should know that cool temperatures weaken the immune system, making them more susceptible to disease & infections.

Therefore, if your tank temperature is low, your fish will likely be more susceptible to infections & diseases due to compromised immune systems. Also, a low water temperature will put your fish under unnecessary stress, forcing them to exhibit behavior changes. If not addressed promptly, it will also lead to decreased activity levels and a lack of appetite.

High Water Temperature

On the other hand, if your tank water temperature is too high, it will quickly lead to oxygen depletion & reduced dissolved oxygen levels in the aquarium. This will not only put significant stress on your angelfish but also force them to struggle for breath.

This will continuously make them susceptible to heat stress and a compromised immune system. In addition, high water temperatures always create a favorable environment for bacterial & parasite infections, which will only further endanger your precious pets’ health & life.

Maintaining the Right Water Temperature

Suppose you want to maintain the right water temperature and keep it stable all year around for your angelfish, monitor and regulate it effectively. Invest in a reliable aquarium thermometer to effectively maintain the right water temperature.

How will you ensure the right water parameters if you are not getting an accurate reading? You must monitor the temperature accurately and make necessary adjustments if required.

In most common cases, digital thermometers are employed due to their accuracy and ease of use. To regulate the water temperature, you will need aquarium heaters and coolers, which are essential equipment.

Heaters will increase the temperature, and the cooler will lower it. When selecting these kinds of devices, consider factors like the size & volume of your aquarium, energy efficiency, and compatibility with other equipment. I recommend you go with a reputable brand & model to ensure reliability & accurate temperature control.

IT WAS VERY CHALLENGING when I was looking for the perfect heater to keep guppy fish and maintain a consistent water temperature. At first, I had to experiment with different heaters, but some proved unreliable, causing fluctuations that stressed my guppies. Therefore make sure you choose the right type of heater after consulting the experience Aquariwt and reading reviews.

Temperature Variations in 3 Different Angelfish Species

Temperature Variations in 3 Different Angelfish Species

For most Angelfish fish species, you can keep them in the ideal temperature range between 24-28 degree Celsius or 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, it is also important to consider specific temperature preferences for a few species because of their exceptional qualities & physiological processes.

  • Pterophyllum scalare (Common Angelfish): The most common angelfish originating from the river basin usually thrives in slightly warmer water. Therefore it is best to keep them in a temperature within the range of 79-82 degrees Fahrenheit or 26-28 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for these beautiful fish.
  • Pterophyllum altum (Altum Angelfish): If you have altum angelfish, which thrives in Black Water rivers and flooded forests, you must provide them a cooler temperature than the common angelfish counterparts. Therefore, it is best to maintain a temperature within the range of 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit or 24-26 degrees Celsius.
  • Pterophyllum leopoldi (Leopold’s Angelfish): Another fish that likes to thrive in warmer water temperatures is Leopold Angelfish, native to the Amazon River basin. It would help if you considered keeping the temperature between 26-28 degrees Celsius or 79-82 degrees Fahrenheit for these striking angelfish, similar to the common fish counterpart.

3 Tips for Maintaining Optimal Water Temperature

If you want to maintain the ideal water temperature for your angelfish, it will require some careful consideration and practice. Therefore, I’m mentioning some practical tips below to help create a conducive environment for your angelfish.

Preparing the Aquarium

First, you must gradually acclimate your angelfish to the desired water temperature. You should note that certain water changes can cause ultimate stress and shock to your fish, negatively impacting their health & life.

If you have sensitive species like altum angelfish who prefer salty water, you should make temperature adjustments gradually over several days to prevent any adverse effects. You should note that they prefer slightly warmer temperatures, so it’s best to keep the temperature under 79 degrees Fahrenheit at a minimum.

Regular Monitoring & Adjustments

It is also important to conduct regular water temperature checks using an accurate aquarium thermometer to ensure the temperature remains safe within the desired range all day round. Also, make adjustments if required and be slow with it. That adjustment should be gradual rather than sudden to minimize stress on the angelfish.

Considerations for Breeding Angelfish

Always research the specific temperature requirement for breeding angelfish you already have, as the optimal condition requirement must support their spawning (Click&Learn: Angelfish Spawn Time) & fry-raising stages. If you want to learn more about the stages of angelfish eggs, consider reading this article. a


After reading this article, I hope you learned that maintaining appropriate water temperature for angelfish is vital for its health & well-being. Therefore, ensure you are providing optimal conditions and their growth vitality & vibrant color.

Also, remember to research the temperature preferences of the angelfish species you plan to keep or already have. Also, you must invest in a reliable heater, cooler, thermometer, and other equipment required to keep healthy.

Plus, gradually make any necessary adjustments or changes to prevent stress, shock, or any negative impact. If you follow all the tips mentioned here, you will be able to create an ideal environment for your angelfish where their health will not only be enhanced but also their beauty and grace will be appreciable.

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