can angelfish live with mollies

Angelfish and Mollies are both tropical fish. Mollies do get along with most of the fish. Mollies can adapt to different tank conditions. They can thrive in the same habitat and also defend themselves if angelfish show aggressive behavior; this can be an advantage for mollies because angelfish do attack peaceful fish for some reasons. However, Mollies and Angelfish do not have the exact same personality, as mentioned below.

Can Angelfish And Mollies Live Together?

So can Angelfish and Mollies live together? Yes, Angelfish can generally live with Mollies in the same aquarium. Mollies are peaceful fish that are compatible with many other species, including Angelfish. However, it is important to ensure that the tank is large enough to accommodate both species comfortably and that there are plenty of hiding spots and plants for the Angelfish to retreat to if needed.

The temperament of Angelfish and Mollies

The temperament varies in every fish. Some fish have a peaceful temperament, and some are aggressive. When it comes to angelfish, they are semi-aggressive, and mollies are peaceful fish. However, mollies can be aggressive in order to defend themselves. As their aggression can be stopped if you provide plenty of space for your fish to swim, these species will start coexisting with each other.

Compatibility of Mollies with Angelfish

Angelfish and Mollies can be compatible and get along perfectly if the following conditions are favorable for them:

Aquarium Temperature

Mollies are adaptable fish. They can live either in saltwater or freshwater. They can live in various water conditions in the aquarium world. The temperature should range between 75-80°F.

On the other hand, angelfish are also adaptable fish. Just like mollies, they can live in saltwater or freshwater. The temperature should range between 75-84°F.

In order to keep angelfish and mollies in the same tank, you have to provide them with a temperature of 75–82°F.

Aquarium Size

The only prominent issue these species face is insufficient space, which makes them aggressive. This can also make your pet stressed and lead to other health conditions.

Angelfish requires at least 20 gallons of water, whereas larger mollies require 29 to 55 gallons of water. If you want to keep your two fish happy, provide them with a large tank of at least 70 gallons of water.


Mollies are omnivorous. They require algae and zooplankton in the wild. While in the aquarium, they are picky eaters; they eat whatever you provide them.

Moreover, you should provide them with a varied diet for both species. Plant and animal matter should be balanced in their diet.

You can also feed them flakes, pellets, and frozen foods. Ensure that they get a protein-rich diet.

Aquarium pH Levels

Mollies prefer a pH between 7.5 and 8.5. Meanwhile, angelfish prefer a pH between 6.0 and 8.0.

In order to keep Mollies and Angelfish together, the ph level should range between 6.8 and 7.2.

Will Angelfish kill mollies?

Angelfish cannot kill mollies because when angelfish show aggression, mollies do well by defending themselves. But mollies are semi-aggressive fish that may attack angelfish for their food. This answer concludes that angelfish will not kill mollies.