can angelfish live with Malawi cichlids

Angelfish and Malawi cichlids are beautiful fish in the aquarium world. Both species require different water conditions, so let’s dive into to find out if can Angelfish live with Malawi cichlids.

Malawi cichlids and angelfish can’t live in the same tank. They both have distinct requirements. Malawi cichlids may bully angelfish as they have an aggressive temperament.

The temperament of angelfish and Malawi cichlids

Every fish has a different behavior. Fish can have an aggressive, semi-aggressive, or peaceful temperament. Hence, you cannot put two fish together with different temperaments. The match of peaceful fish with peaceful or semi-aggressive fish is ideal to keep them together.

Angelfish are beautiful, and they are generally peaceful; however, they can be semi-aggressive, especially during the breeding season. They get territorial while growing older and more mature.

Malawi cichlids are aggressive. They protect their territory because of food. They may bully angelfish because of their aggressive nature.

It is not good to keep fish together in the same tank that has different behavior.

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Compatibility of Angelfish and Malawi Cichlids

They cannot be compatible tankmates, and the following are reasons that prove this:

Aquarium Temperature

An ideal tank temperature Malawi Cichlids require is 75 and 79°F. Whereas, for the angelfish, it is 78 and 86°F.

Aquarium Size

Your fish need sufficient space to thrive. If you don’t provide them with their requirements, they can get stressed due to insufficient space and may develop various pathological conditions.

Angelfish require at least 30 gallons of water to live without getting aggressive. They may show aggression if you provide less than their requirements.

On the other hand, not even a single fish could have the same need as Malawi cichlids do. They need a bare minimum of 30 gallons of water.

This factor makes it impossible for them to stay together due to their distinct requirements.


Angelfish are omnivorous. They eat algae, insects, larvae, etc. They need a rich protein and high-fiber diet. They can also eat pellets, live or frozen food, and flaked foods. When it comes to Malawi Cichlids, they eat pellets, flake foods, peas, lettuce, broccoli, etc.

Aquarium pH Levels

Aquarium pH level is that parameter you should take special care of, providing them with a suitable pH. Disturbances in pH levels make your fish stressed and ill.

Angelfish live in a pH that ranges between 6.5-7.1.  Meanwhile, Malawi cichlids live in a pH range of 7.8–8.5.

This is another factor that proves angelfish and Malawi cichlids cannot live together, as their pH requirements are way too distinct.

Will Angelfish kill Malawi cichlids?

However, keeping aggressive Cichlids with Angelfish is never a good idea, as Malawi Cichlids are aggressive. They may attack Malawi cichlids according to the situation, but they will not kill them.

Final thoughts

Malawi cichlids are known to be aggressive and territorial, especially during breeding periods. Angelfish, on the other hand, are relatively peaceful and may not be able to defend themselves against the more aggressive cichlids. Additionally, Malawi cichlids require specific water parameters that may not be suitable for Angelfish. Therefore, it is best to avoid keeping angelfish and Malawi cichlids together in the same aquarium to ensure the health and well-being of both fish.