Angelfish And Rainbow Fish

Are you wondering if it’s possible to keep Angelfish and Rainbow Fish together in the same aquarium? Look no further! In this article, we’ll see the compatibility of these two popular fish species and we also provide some helpful tips on how to successfully keep them in the same tank.

Yes, angelfish and rainbow fish can be kept together. Both species require similar water conditions, which explains why rainbowfish and angelfish can live together. Rainbowfish are good tank mates for angelfish to live with.

Can Angelfish be Kept With Rainbow Fish?

Temperament varies from fish to fish. Aggressive, semi-aggressive, or peaceful are the temperaments that fish can have. Hence, you should always put those fish together that are generally peaceful and calm.

Angelfish are generally peaceful and calm. Most of them are timid. They can be semi-aggressive during the breeding period. However, most of the time, angelfish are peaceful and do not harm other peaceful fish.

Rainbow angelfish are peaceful; not only this but they are also considered community fish. They can live happily with another peaceful fish. bully angelfish because of their aggressive nature. It is a good idea to keep angelfish and rainbow fish together in the same tank.

Rainbow fish with Angelfish

They are compatible tank mates in many ways, and the following are reasons that can prove this:

Aquarium Temperature

The temperature that angelfish requires ranges between 78 and 86 °F. On the other hand, rainbowfish require a temperature between 80 and 86 °F. The higher temperatures make Rainbowfish the best tank mate for Angelfish.

While keeping them together, you should provide a tank temperature that ranges between 74 and 83 °F.

How many rainbow fish should be kept together?

The sufficient space for them to thrive is a choice to live happily without any disturbance in their physiology.

Angelfish require a minimum of 30 gallons of water to thrive and to avoid aggressive behavior. Providing them with less than their requirements will affect their health.

The housing requirements of Rainbowfish include 30 gallons of water to thrive. They are happy in community aquariums with well-planted species. Just like angelfish, they may show several pathological conditions if the parameters that you provide get disturbed.

This factor is compatible with living together in the same tank.


Angelfish are omnivorous. They find their food source in insects, larvae, algae, brine shrimp, pellets, live or frozen food, and flaked foods. Additionally, they require a rich-protein diet as well as a high-fiber diet, etc.

On the other hand, rainbowfish are also omnivorous. They can eat vegetables and meat-based foods. They eat brine shrimp, krill flakes, algae, live or frozen food, and small invertebrates.

To make it work, you can feed both of them with flakes, pellets, live food, frozen food, etc.

Aquarium pH Levels

The favorable pH in which angelfish can live ranges between 6.5 and 7.1. Rainbowfish require a similar pH level that ranges between 7.0 and 8.0.

In order to keep them together, you provide them with a pH that ranges between 6.7 and 7.8.

Hence, there are many factors proven above that prove that angelfish and rainbow fish are compatible and can be very good tankmates.

Will Angelfish kill Rainbowfish?

Angelfish and rainbow fish are both peaceful fish. The angelfish may fight for their space, but they will never kill the rainbowfish.

Final Thoughts

Angelfish and Rainbow Fish can coexist in the same aquarium with proper care and conditions. They are peaceful fish that require a spacious tank, hiding spots, and a balanced diet. While Angelfish prefer warmer water, Rainbow Fish can adapt to a wider range of temperatures. Both species are striking and beautiful and can make a stunning addition to any aquarium.